Door Mats

Door MatsAt Specialist Mats we have a number of different door mats available. Typically you can expect to find a number of different mats at Specialist Mats for example: indoor, outdoor, washable, custom size, logo and mat well door mats. Whatever type of property you have our door mats will help to keep dirt dust and moisture from entering your property.


The To-Do List for Savvy People Preparing for Removals

The To-Do List for Savvy People Preparing for RemovalsBeing organised when preparing for removals is essential. That spares time, things are ordered and neatly packed, and people do not get nervous or unnecessarily fussy. Usually everyone has their specific system of ordering their activities. That applies to daily routines, but it holds equally true for periods of preparation for removals too.

Everyone can draw up a perfectly great list of to-dos for pre-removal activities. Yet it would be helpful to consult a sample list of six items that people should abide by in order to organise and pack everything efficiently.


How to Deal with Algae and Moss

How to Deal with Algae and MossIt is very common to find growths such as moss and algae on hard surfaces in your garden.
What is Algae and Moss?
Moss is a green plant that grows in cool, moist places, often forming compact, velvety masses of vegetation. Individual plants and the masses are called moss. It is part of the same family as liverworts and hornworts.

A powdery deposit or green film is typical of algae, and in your garden can be found on stonework, paving and garden furniture. Commonly blackish and dark green jelly-like growths that often appear on areas of tarmac are incorrectly known as gelatinous algae - in fact they are a cyanobacteria (Nostoc).
Several other plants, that are not related to mosses, are commonly called “moss” because they grow just like moss like clusters.


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